Saturday, 8 December 2012

I'm A Builder In My Head

Before you've begun a major renovation to your home = perfect time to dream about all of the improvements you'd like to incorporate . After you've invested $100k, gutted the entire place, displaced your family of 7 for two months, and are sitting in your newly renovated apartment = not so much.

We recently bought a 2 bedroom rooftop apartment (hence, the 4 flights of bumping) with plans to build a 2nd floor. Our municipal building allowance was 40 meters. We turned the existing floor into 4 bedrooms and a study and put the kitchen, living room, and a 1/2 bath upstairs. (Still with me?) Forty meters is not alot of space for everything that I wanted up there so we decided on a completely open design (sans the bathroom, thank you very much). The good news is there is plenty of room for the eye. Each individual area, however, is quite small.  Thus, as I sit on my couch in my little living "area", I can't help but expand the room by about 15 meters in my mind's eye. My husband has come to know the look on my face when I'm building. He's requested that I kindly build with my eyes closed so that he doesn't have to imagine the additional debt with his mind's eye....

With a stingy municipality and empty coffers, it's time to spare the husband, come to terms with reality, and focus on the positive. My totally open kitchen  requires motivates me to always keep my counters clear and sinks clean......:)