Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mirror Reflections

Though I'm a huge believer in the power of positive thinking, I don't believe that our eyes can will the space before us to actually expand (unless, of course, yours can, in which case, I want to read your blog) They can, however, play some pretty nifty tricks on our perception.

My favorite is the mirror trick. 

Large mirrors create an illusion of depth as the mirror reflects color and light across the room.  

Large mirrors

I'm talking about the largest you can afford. The physics here is simple: the more surface area to catch light and color, the larger your space looks. 

If over sized mirrors are beyond your budget, group 5 or 7 smaller mirrors together instead. This will create a style element as well. (note: odd numbers groupings are more pleasing to the eye.)

Mirror placement for Mummies
  • Don't overdo it - no need to feel like you live in a fun-house (even if you do....). Usually 2 well placed mirrors are sufficient to create the desired effect. 

  • Mirrors don't discriminate between indoor and outdoor light sources. Place your mirror opposite a window and double your natural light. Reflecting the outdoors will also bring the illusion of nature into your home. (I said Illusion! March those bugs out of my house!)

  • Place a mirror so that it catches the reflection of the next room, giving the suggestion of more space. (Another means to keep an extra eye on said entomologists and acrobats.)

"Mirror trick" tricks 

  • Fake a window by tiling rectangular windows. (wishful thinking at its finest!)

  • Make a wall look longer - instantly- by placing a mirror on its side
  • Place a mirror behind a light source. The mirror will literally magnify the light's reach


  1. so i've been looking for a mirror just like the one in the first picture for a while now.... Not seriously looking but when I see mirrors I stop and look... any idea where that one is from?

  2. Hi Aliza, the mirror is from Star Furniture though I don't know if it's still in stock.....