Monday, 10 December 2012

The Elephant On The Blog

Fellow bloggers*, am I totally crazy that I look forward to writing on my blog like all day long??? Before I discovered interior design, my dream was to be a creative writer. I ask you, is there a better synthesis of my two loves then actually writing about interior design?! Who hoo! Eureka! 

(Excited much?) 

I find myself, however, in a blogger conundrum. My wordsie side wants to muse and emote and be pithy and sarcastic and my designee side wants to be informative and  create really helpful content and I have to figure out how to integrate the two. Good times!

But now I'm truly in a quandary. Posts one and two were pretty much fluff (though fabulously fun to write) so, thought I, tonight would certainly be dedicated to hard info. I sat down all revved up to inform, all pumped to do the whole "top 10 blah blah blah" when I realised there is one more thing I must say before we get down to design tachlis**. 

We have to talk about the elephant in the room.

There is no design strategy that will make your small space feel bigger if your house is full of clutter. You can flood your space with natural light, reflect it all over the place with light colors, and double that space with huge mirrors. If your house is full of clutter, you'll just be reflecting a whole lot of elephant. 

There are a bazillion websites with "top 10 blah blah blah's" on how to declutter including Fly Lady, which is my personal fav. There are also people who can help you discard, delete, and destroy all that dastardly disorder. 

Next time we can talk about how to make you're small but clutter-free home feel larger. 

Ok, no more shmoozing. You've got decluttering to do..............go on...........Go!

*So owning that "blogger" status! (All 3 posts of it!)
Definition of blogger as per the Cambridge Dictionary (which sounds official enough to me)

blogger: noun 

someone who writes a blog

**thats 'form and content' for anyone who's Alta Bubbe didn't speak "a bissel Jewish".

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